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From Bah Humbug to possibility!

I love the Dickens story of A Christmas carol, don’t you?

In a time when there were no self help books, personal development programmes or coaching available, Dickens took his audience through a profound journey of past, present and future that they could use as a master class in transformation.

The transformation from Bah humbug to Tiny Tim’s benefactor in just one night would be a great piece of marketing for any programme on offer - right?

So no wonder it’s the classic we all love today being retold by the Muppets and Disney to mention just a few…

So let’s come up to speed to the here and now and know that you don’t have to have a visitation of 3 spirits this Christmas Eve to change something in your life.

Here are a few Coaching questions that will serve you in looking at your past, present and future over a coffee to decrease any bah humbug in your life and invite in the possibility of something that will serve you more effectively – whatever that may be for you.

So, what is turning up in your like that you don’t like or want to change?

When, where, what, who did this come from?

What did this give or provide for you on some level that was a benefit? (You may need to take a few minutes to root that out. Remember Scrooge had been hurt in the past, so by keeping himself disconnected from others he didn’t run the risk of being hurt again)

What do you want instead for your future life?

What will that do for you or give you?

How will that make your life even better?

What do you need to choose now to make this happen?

What’s the first step that you can take right now?

Remember in the story that the very first thing Scrooge does when he wakes up on Christmas morning is to order the prize turkey for the Cratchits. This was crucial!

He took immediate action and cemented the change by doing something different. Once you have worked this out do it, create the momentum that takes you towards to outcome you have identified that you want in your life.

What’s the very first thing you need to do to start the ball rolling?

(It only needs to be a small simple step)

Do it!

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