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What muscle are you building up?

Well we all know that if you want to build up your physical muscles and make them firm and strong you either get yourself to the gym, a personal trainer or set up a fitness regimen.

But what about your non physical muscles?

For example your emotional muscle, your spiritual muscle, the muscles of resilience and confidence etc.

Do you make sure that you spend the time and regular practice to create a non physical muscle workout to build up strength and habitual responses in these areas too?

It’s like those New Year resolutions that have fallen by the wayside by February 1st, alone and abandoned are the good intentions with the yoga mat tucked away under the bed and the second bottle of vodka almost finished…

If you don’t fully commit to the regular workout of strengthening the non physical muscles and physical muscles alike to create a change in your life then how’s it gonna happen? How will the muscle ever get strong enough to work fully fit and flexibly as you would like it to?

Have a think about it now, where do you invest working out on yourself at the moment, what are the muscles that you are building up and making strong?

Is it in stress, victimhood, neglect, addiction, conflict, poor health etc?

So, what’s the non physical muscle that you want to start building up and working out with?

Consider these:

Emotional, spiritual, relationship, nurturing, visioning, authentic, great health etc…

Ultimately you know what is showing up in your life and what is missing from your life too to make these identifications.

Once you have decided upon the muscle that you want to build up and make strong, think about what the 3 small steps are that you can take to set up a regular workout or practice to make this happen.

Then identify another 3 steps that you will need to do that will keep you in the regular practice so that you build up strength and firmness in that muscle.

Now spend 1 minute and identify how you will know when this muscle is strong, what will it look like, sound like and feel like for you?

How will it be to really experience that flexibilty and ease of using this muscle that is now established and feels good to have, what difference will this make to you and your life?

This is the goal of your workout, when you get there make sure that you celebrate it as it’s a landmark that is worth honouring your commitment and perseverance to achieve.

Happy workout and strong muscles!

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