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  "I was under the pressure of a very serious crisis in my life, after problems in my work and personal life, I stopped believing in myself and my future, I felt that I was stuck and did not understand how I should live further. From the first session I felt very comfortable with Louise, she is very warm, motivating and effective, with a mix of huge support and faith in me, She helped me to put the focus of attention inside and not just inside, but there, where previously I did not get attention in such, well-known dark dusty corners of the inner world that was in fact filled to the top with treasures.

With each following session I felt good and in such a tasty, but long-forgotten way that had a thrust and passion to explore this World in ways of interaction that is peculiar to children, not loaded with social and gender stereotypes, acquired and imposed by fears, not overwhelmed by the weight of failures and the fear of "losing face" and status, a living thirst for life in its pure form. 

I became much stronger and my life began to appear beautiful"

Alena Lewis - MUA currently represented by Wilhelmina-One in Bangkok and Inega Management in Mumbai.

I was struggling with anxiety in the workplace, to the point where I was becoming paralysed under pressure - which in turn was affecting my performance and in turn, potentially my employability. Lou took me out into the sunshine, and helped me identify that the person I was being isn’t the person I know I am. She just had to help me remember that.

By the end of the session - I went back in to work feeling confident about how good I was; knowing who I wanted to be and how I wanted to be perceived, and armed with a few tools to help me identify and escape the slumps when they happen. 

Ant Firth-Clark

Marketing Communications Manager

On-line fashion education company

Louise Cullum has provided exceptional coaching sessions and taught me how to grow as both an individual and creative professional. She taught me psychological thought processes, how to get to the root of my personal, emotional and working issues and how to turn them into positive and productive materials. Coaching is not just a one to one session with someone who is giving you simple answers, but an opportunity for a creative to access a world of understanding, to learn how the human mind and emotional responses work.

Coaching gives us the ability to overcome personal doubts, insecurities and Louise has helped me overcome these obstacles. I'm actually profoundly Deaf so i wasn't able to have phone calls with Lou and we had to type on Skype instead

Thanks Lou, you rock!

James Boyle


Streetwear brand UK


'I have always been the type of person with a great attention to detail in everything, which has been my strength but also my weakness.  I find having big goals and big dreams always come with the cost of juggling with life and relationships outside the career route, as the demand for my attention is needed more. I spoke to Lou about work life balance, and also in managing my time and energy wisely. I found that with her support, positive energy and encouragement really helped in uplifting my spirit and staying focus.


I would recommend for anyone who finds anything difficult or sees a hinderance in their career development to make time to speak to Lou. It could be something that you're dealing with, frustrations or even personal struggles - career related or non-related. Never underestimate how something so small or insignificant can really affect your mind and therefore your work as the artist. , and in my experience it did make me feel a million times better, and

it's always refreshing to hear from someone who is positive, believes in you and your work, and cheering you on'. 

Jeanette Vuong

Manicurist, Nail Artist & Designer 


Honestly after the conversation we had I've been really dealing with this stuff so much better and it was so simple you straight up told me to have fun with it and thats exactly what I've been doing.

You also helped me a lot to figure out how to take my thoughts and make my brand DNA much better. I think I was really over thinking it and you calmed my mind down and made it so simple for me to put it together and I honestly thank you for that.  

You really took time to understand me which I loved because you made the conversation really comfortable and fun. 


Nairy Anastasia

Anastasia Creative d.b.a. 

Streetwear brand US

'Louise coached me when I was at a career crossroads and very uncertain as to which way I wanted to go next.  I was in a successful career but wasn’t finding it meaningful.  She was able to put me at ease immediately with her encouraging, supportive and enthusiastic style and within the first session really helped me to identify and explore some fresh ideas that I never would have been able to identify on my own.  Lou’s creative and encouraging style has helped me explore some new and exciting career options that otherwise would have likely gone unnoticed.  I would whole heartedly recommend Lou’s services.'
Sharon Peake
Group Head of Talent Management
Large media company

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