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 Louise Cullum  Coaching &

Conscious dance



As a Coach I specialise in working with creatives, artists  and entrepreneurs.

As a Conscious dance teacher practicing Movement Medicine,  I offer a  safe space for people to express their authentic selves on the dance floor.

I also offer a combination of coaching and 

conscious dance/movement called 

Coaching in Motion

In all practices I invite people on a journey

that is creative and transformational,

full of profound possibility.

“The most creative act you will
ever undertake is the act of
creating yourself.”
Deepak Chopra

I offer you a Coaching partnership that’s unique, authentic

and focussed on your vision of the future that you want to create...

 If you have found yourself feeling stuck, unhappy, caught up in the past or partying with procrastination, it may be the right time for you to take action and make some changes.

Explore new possibilities, and find solutions to create a different future for yourself

that is more alive OR in other words - just MORE of the real YOU!

Each person's Coaching journey is unique

The sessions are essentially your space and time for you to really get in touch with

yourself and the life you are living, then focussing on creating the life you want

to live and who you are showing up as.  

Be assured that you can bring any life condition to the session - professional or personal -  it's your session you can use it to explore whatever area of your life you need to focus on and create change.

I offer 1-1 sessions over Skype for coaching or in person for 1-1 Coaching 

in Motion sessions using a combination of all my resources including NLP, movement/dance/neuroscience protocols. These sessions are held in Essex and London.

Have the courage to take your rightful place in the world

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